Roller Coaster Life

I was never a big fan of theme parks. I think they are cheesy and corny. Disneyland is a place for kids or adults who still believe in fairy tale, who lack of depth to see what’s real because everything is flawed. There is no fairy tale.

Now that I hit 30+, I admit that I changed. I start to see the value of being a kid, of being simple, and letting go of how you see yourself and how others see you. I try to let go of certain judgements. I actually start to enjoy theme parks. After all, it’s designed to bring happiness. Eventually it’s just like what I do. Marketing is about happiness.

After letting go of judgement, you begin to see things as what it is. We are all at heart a child longing for happiness, freedom, beautiful things. Theme parks makes them visible, touchable, and of course, consumable.

The best part of a theme park is Roller Coasters. They are usually design to bring adventure. Day to day life is so bored. Some of us travel, run marathons, dive, hike… we all need some novelty. Roller Coaster is an intense shot of novelty and adrenaline. They are design to make you crave more.

Somehow sitting on a roller coaster is like looking at life. Since you are on the ride anyway, why not sit at the front row? The only thing you can do is to tell yourself is relax and enjoy the ride. When it goes up, enjoy the amazing view because it’s usually high high up there. You see things other people cannot see. Don’t get consumed by the thought that it will come down because it certainly will. And when it does, it’s fast and furious. You can scream. You can kick. But there’s nothing else you can do except to sit tight. It will eventually goes down. But the best part is it will not stay there forever either. Nothing will stay forever. Everything will change.

When you master one, you level up and want higher, better, more scary coasters. So there are more intense, more difficult ones ahead of you. It will certainly bring more adrenaline and pain. Accept it. Don’t try to fight. Knowing that no matter what, it’s not going to last forever.

Life is just a ride. Roll with it.

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